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Getting the Best Camping Toilets

So you arrive at a campsite and realize that you need to use the toilet. As you step into the toilet block you remember one of the real negatives about camping trips: the state of the toilets. Does this scenario seem familiar to you? If so, you may be thinking about buying a portable camping toilet.

With a portable camping loo, you are effectively providing your own facilities. This means that you can ensure that they’re kept clean and in the state that you would expect. But have you looked at the camping toilets that are available from retailers here in the UK?

If you do, you’ll soon notice that designs vary considerably. Some seem considerably less portable than others! It’s clear that some models are actually quite bulky. This seems like something of a problem.

Many of us tend to have an enormous amount of equipment and accessories when we go camping. This often means that our cars are loaded up with plenty of stuff. The last thing that we need is another large piece of kit.

So what’s the best way of getting a better camping toilet? The internet can be a great resource for this task. It allows you to look at a wide range of options, without having to leave your own home. You’ll soon be able to see that some loos are much bigger than others.

Folding toilets will often be the best solution. They’ll be much more compact once they are folded up, meaning that they’ll fit into your car more easily.

The very best latest designs have another distinct advantage too. Unlike older models, some of the best new designs don’t make use of any chemicals. This is good news for those of us who worry about transporting chemicals. It’s also great news for the environment.

If you’re prepared to spend a bit of time researching toilets online then you can soon find some great options at low prices. It’s certainly a better choice than having to use the toilets provided at campsites.

Camping in Europe – The Ultimate Freedom

The word “camping” derives from the latin “campus” and meaning “field”. Today camping is a way of spending your free time, or vacations, rather, in or very close to mother nature, because this is where camping takes place.

Camping in the course of time

At the beginning of the 20th century the first tourists started out with tents. In 1931 the first trailer home was invented. After the 2nd World War the first cars where equipped with camping features and beds and in the 1960s the first camping cars like the famous VW Bus T1 were built. Back in those days Camping was the favorite pastime of the common folks, idealist and students. Today Camping is well accepted by anyone and practiced by any layer of society. Only the tents are getting bigger or are being replaced by trailers, mobile homes and buses these days. While back then you only carried the bare essentials like sleeping bags, air mattress, a dining kit and a gas burner, today those trailers come fully equipped with the latest of cooking wares and all the luxury your home bedroom provides.

Multi flame stoves, refrigerators and even baking ovens are carried along, shower stalls right next to your WC, spacious bedrooms and huge storage areas are standard today.

Where do you go Camping?

Almost all over Europe you’ll find a well supported network of camping sites providing all sorts of comfort and convenience. Any visitor, if with tent or trailer or mobile home, finds spaces, comfortable convenience and sanitary facilities as well as power outlets and TV receptacles. Not only during the summer seasons but all year around you can enjoy camping and have a good time. Winter camping is supposed to be the coming thing!

If you are traveling with a mobile home and want to stay mobile, you’ll find a lot of sites ranging from reasonable to very expensive, offering the comforts of multi star hotels. Standards include lavatories, shower stalls and power outlets. You’ll always find stations to get rid of your waste and replenish your water supplies. Sites for mobile homes are very common in Europe, within tourist regions almost every village or town has got its own site.

Advantages of Camping

Everybody who ever went camping appreciates its upsides. You are getting a lot of fresh air, you are independent from hotels and other kinds of accommodations. There is no dress code to watch out for and there are no fixed dinner or breakfast schedules to keep. Most sites are located right at points of interest like rivers or lakes, on vineyard or at the seaside. So most of the time you can enjoy a beautiful sight right from your table or bed and explore the sites with a bike. You can bring all of your personal belongings whereas traveling by plane is rather restricted in that matter. If you plan on a vacation with kids, camping is the most ideal way to go by far.

Another pro is the kind of comradeship within the camping community. Nowhere else do you find friends as fast as on a camping site while barbecuing, having a glass of wine or simply just talking.

So what can you do if you want to enjoy camping but don’t have a mobile home or a trailer? Don’t worry, today you’ll find mobile homes for rent on most of the sites or you’ll go to one the many rent a trailers around the country and inquire about their conditions. If you ever enjoyed the freedom of camping and the recreation for the whole family you will hardly ever want to miss it again.