The Rise Of Female Solo Travelers

Women have made significant progress regarding education, workplace and social equality and also in travel. More women are exploring the world on their own, from backpackers to professionals to those who are just independent. They’ve all come to realise that experiences don’t always have to be shared to be enjoyed.

More Women Are Travelling Solo

According to research, more women have started to travel solo two out of five females have travelled solo. And these solo female travellers are of age 18 to 35 years. This shows that trend that more millennials are interested in travelling abroad. According to a Boston Consulting Group, Millennials want to travel abroad as much as possible.

According to this research, the main reason why female travellers are more inclined towards travelling alone is the thirst for adventure. Many women have also said they felt more energised and refreshed after they take a trip alone.

Why This Trend?

Solo female travellers are even more tech savvy than an average traveller. According to study, it has been observed that when it comes to researching reviews regarding travelling female travellers use tablets 51% and mobile phones 72%; they make use of technology for communicating with friends and family back home can be done with a click button. When it comes to using social media they use it 65% for sharing their travel details. What do they share? Mostly the share regarding their current location or their 4 to 10 photos. Female solo travel doesn’t seem as scary as it used to be, although regardless of gender, all travellers can always benefit from a few simple reminders.

How To Be Safe?

  • Try To Arrive Before Dusk – If you’re a business traveller getting picked up, make sure you and your driver have corresponding paperwork.
  • Pack Light – Carry a handbag with a cross body strap. This will free up your hands and help you keep hold of your belongings in busy crowds.
  • Look The Part – Dressing according to a country’s culture will save you unwanted attention and let you interact with locals more comfortably.
  • Sleep Soundly – Ask for an alternative room if you’re placed at the end of a dark corridor or on the ground floor of a hotel where you feel unsafe.
  • Consider Your Money – Consider using a credit card or prepaid travel card instead of carrying too much cash with you. Alternatively, if you do need cash, use your debit care to withdraw small sums from ATMs. When using an ATM, try to avoid machines located in poorly lit or hidden areas.

To all the independent ladies: if you have an urge to travel, don’t wait around. Get out there and be everywhere you want to be.