How Our Chinese Culture Shapes Us to Who We Are

Asian men need to develop their own culture. The west has always dominated the world with their inventions and meanwhile Chinese have had 100 years taken away from them thanks to Mao’s cultural revolution. Since then it has been traditional of the Asian mindset not to challenge authority and not ‘reinvent the wheel.’ Meanwhile, western culture has thrived on borrowing the best from all other cultures and calling it their own.

In an age we live in now where China is becoming the 2nd largest superpower and overshadowing the west, a new cultural development is important.

We live in an age which has adopted the western mindset of borrowing and stealing and appropriation, and even mimicking. The human mind has less been encouraged to think of original ways of self-expression due to our easy technology and abundance of old art and TV series that we can just switch on with a click at our online disposal.

However the importance of creating a strong identity and powerful cultural dominance is important for China. One that can be expressed through the basics of what we have – language and race.

As already mentioned in this digital age it’s so easy to copy and mimic what is out there but for something that is profound and not so easily consumed – this is what a great culture should be. Like Chinese language, Chinese culture should be earned and enjoyed like a fine Chinese dish, and contemplated like good wine.

Ironically to create a new culture, Chinese need to move away from the mass consumption culture that currently floods the ‘global world’ that we know it as. Globalism is a good thing but the speed at which it has developed has affected and disabled everyone, and not even given us time to digest and appreciate.

When Chinese men can create a new culture, we can move forward to creating our new identity. One that is respected and attractive to all.

Chinese men, all around the globe need to take the time and patience to develop as artists and once they have reached a level of critical thinking then pursue the goal of becoming leaders. Leaders by its truest definition are people of vision who see a way that is clearer than other ways that have been established. New ways are developed because of the risk taken to develop those new ways.

Those risks that are taken have their own rewards. But they must be earned .